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There is no planet “B”.

Our mission is to decarbonise the funeral industry

To provide an ecological and sustainable water cremation service, which mitigates the impact on the environment of the most common methods of disposing of human bodies by either flame cremation or burial by 2025. Benefiting stakeholders, mankind, and the Earth.

To open the first Aquatorium venue for ecological water cremation by 2025.

Aquatorium has the means to reconnect death to the natural cycles of life.

Aquatorium positively impacts the environment. We are looking for strategic partners to help us protect the planet.

There is no planet “B”.


John Blayney
Founder & Director
Michael Rushby
Founder & Director

The challenge

  • To positively change the attitude of public, funeral industry and the legislature that alkaline hydrolysis water cremation is an acceptable alternative to cremation or burial.

  • To demonstrate the proven scientific principles of alkaline hydrolysis.

  • To create a viable, cost-effective business supported by a team of like-minded professional stakeholders and a fully costed investment plan.

Our strategy

To secure the human and financial resources to bring this pioneering project to fruition.

A deeply private commitment

To not consider alkaline hydrolysis water cremation for the disposal of one’s body is a denial of the most personal contribution to helping nature slow climate change that the individual can make.

It is low carbon and creates zero pollution

Why would you not do it?

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